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Thanks for taking the time to drop by curvefinder.com, I’m really grateful.  I’ve always been into self-improvement and have continually sought out ways to become a better person in both family and work life – I see it as a practice or a journey that everybody can benefit from.  In March 2015 my journey led me to complete Seth Godin’s altMBA and this wonderfully disruptive experience increased my fascination with the idea that we can all innovate ourselves in order to realise our goals and ambitions.

To thrive in a non-linear world we all must learn to adapt and to deal with disruption and just like businesses, people can instigate their own innovation or ‘s-curves’ making them better equipped for the challenges ahead.

I’ve launched curvefinder.com as a personal project to explore how people all over the world are innovating themselves, their businesses and the people around them. My aim is provide practical tools and inspiring insights, as well as profiling real people or every-day-innovators making positive changes for themselves and others.

It’s a different kind of project for me so I’ll be ‘walking the walk’ by instigating my own personal innovation curves at the same time.  I’d like to inspire as many people as possible to make the leap and to embrace personal innovation as a way of fulfilling their potential.  The world has enough ‘digital landfill’ so I’ll do my best to keep the quality up… bear in mind I’m a busy Dad with a demanding day job, so frequency may vary but stick with me.

I’m a collaborative sort, so if you have a relevant story you want to tell, would like to contribute to the site or just want to say hello then drop me an e-mail – hello@curvefinder.com

Steven Thomas

Puerto Rico & New York Nov 07 - 14I live in Edinburgh, Scotland with my young family.  For nearly two decades I’ve worked in the UK media industry holding various exec roles.  Currently, I’m the Director of Emerging Products with Johnston Press Plc and I specialise in leading / coaching … people, businesses, projects, and high performing teams.  I’m also fluent in sales / marketing / product development / content strategies / ideas.  Throughout my career, I’ve developed an inventive and intrapreneurial approach to working with various types of businesses. The unknown excites me and I’m continually drawn to challenging the status quo, asking difficult questions and plotting the answers. I value collaboration and creativity highly and believe that if you channel these as daily principles, mix them with the right amount of empathy, feedback, and generosity, you can achieve great things in your personal and business life.  Recent projects include the launch of inews.co.uk, completing Seth Godin’s altMBA and, of course, launching curvefinder.com.  I also volunteer time on a regular basis to mentoring individuals who are looking to advance in their chosen career as well as accepting public speaking opportunities.

If you’d like to connect you can reach me on LinkedIn, email me at hello@curvefinder.com or twitter @curvefinder