Introducing the CurveFinder® Collective

Published: August 25, 2021
Author: Steven Thomas

The business model I work with at CurveFinder is different from traditional agency or consultancy models.

I don't have expensive glass-fronted offices with kooky decor to pay for.

The internet is our office and the vast number of communities and tools that it offers are our weapons of choice.

Steven thomas - creator of Curvefinder

The internet is my office and the vast number of communities and tools that it offers are my weapons of choice. I keep overheads very low so I can pass these savings onto clients.

Over 20-years in industry I've been lucky enough to work with many talented people. People who really know their onions and, like me, want to have the freedom to choose the projects that they find the most interesting and, dare I say it, rewarding to work on.

And so the CurveFinder® Collective was born. The collective is made up of...

  • multi-skilled prople I've delivered urgent and important work with on previous projects
  • people whose work I've researched and taken the time to get to know in the knowledge that we will collaborate on future projects

This progressive group allows me to inject the right talent based on each individual project's needs.

We each value collaboration and together we make a formidable group of professionals.

Specialisms within the collective include

Rapid prototyping
UX/UI design
Product Development
Software Development
Automation and Digitisation
Data analysis
Web and App build
Design Thinking Workshop Facilitation
Trends and Insight Research
Tech-integration and management
Content strategy and delivery
Agile Project Management

If you'd like to find out more about the CurveFinder® Collective either as a potential customer or a contributor then please do get in touch.