Digital Product Development

The Digital experience is a human experience. I help conceive and build digital products that connect in new ways with those you seek to serve.

  • Create new or improve existing products and services
  • Build and scale profitably
  • On-demand expertise through my CurveFinder Collective
  • In-person or remote delivery

The principles that underpin my approach:

  1. People-first problem solving is at the center of everything we create. Every product, every service should start with the right problems to solve.
  2. It is essential to create products and services with your chosen customer rather than for them. Seek regular feedback. Prototype early. Share quickly. Then iterate, iterate, iterate.
  3. Keep it lean. With a small, expert team it is possible to move with the fleet-of-foot needed to meet emerging demand rapidly. In today's connected economy it is also possible to utilise a wider network of on-demand expertise to deliver at scale when needed.

160+ product launches and rising

I've helped decades-old businesses and punchy new challengers develop digital products, improve their business and create 'good profit' for themselves others.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with in-house teams to devise and deliver:

  • Digital product and commercial strategy and implementation
  • Digital product and user experience design
  • Agile programme management and product build
  • Creative content plans and storytelling formats encompassing video, podcasts and written content
  • Digital product management and data-driven improvement
  • Scouting and integrating 3rd party tech services that accelerate progress
  • In-house leadership and skills development