CurveFinder Change Programmes

An enterprise innovation framework for organisations looking to modernise how they create and scale products and services.  

CurveFinder Change Programmes help you adopt agile problem-solving techniques and enable teams to evolve and learn-by-doing.

Each programme is an intensive, sleeves-rolled-up, interactive experience. Held in-person or virtually and never one-size-fits-all.

I'll help you reach new levels of productivity, collaboration, and find new ways to create valuable products and services. 

Place a 90-day innovation engine at the core of your business.

  • Adapt to market forces in a more dynamic way.
  • Align your team around a shared vision.
  • Discover new collaborative ways of working.
  • Explore and accelerate your best ideas using creative problem-solving and prototyping techniques.
  • Take a people-first approach to create and scaling products and services.
  • Turn projects that are plodding along into inventive programmes that matter.

Who will benefit from CurveFinder Change Programmes?

  • Mature companies who want to inject people-first creativity and rapid problem solving into their business.
  • Emerging businesses who want to evolve their culture as they scale their team.
  • Leaders who want to help their team develop new skills fit for the modern market.
  • Product owners, marketers and innovators who want to create better products and services in an inclusive way.
  • Agencies who want to adapt their business model and the way they interact with customers.