I help people and businesses
adapt more skilfully to the 
modern digital market

Place an innovation engine at the heart of your business

CurveFinder® Innovation Programmes

We are surrounded by unpredictability fuelled by technological advancements and global connectivity.  

To thrive, all organisations must find new ways to adapt and respond. 

Let me help you:

> Build people-first innovation capabilities.
> Evolve and scale your business.
> Discover and accelerate your best ideas.
> Create digital products and services that matter.

Let's get to work

The biggest danger is to imagine that everything you've done in the past is
right for the future

Work with me

Illuminating design sprints and workshops

Inject agile problem solving into your business. Jumpstart change and seize emerging opportunities in just 5-days.

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Impactful change programmes

Place an innovation engine at the core of your business.  Shape longer-term innovation capabilities. Create growth and sustainable change with CurveFinder 90-day innovation programmes.

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Create Digital products that matter

The digital experience is a human experience.  Conceive and build digital products and services that connect in new ways with those you seek to serve.

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