Beige isn't a goal worth having

Published: December 21, 2020
Author: Steven Thomas

When we're in the fog of the day-to-day we can often lose sight of what it is that we set out to achieve in the first palace.

We allow the 'general consensus' to change our view. Over time, we compromise and the thing we're trying to achieve becomes, well, beige.

A homogenized pile of bland, serving a fraction of the purpose we intended

Instead, our goal could be to become more useful, remarkable, and worth seeking out.

  • To do something that’s hard to replace, groundbreaking or thrilling.
  • Generous work that makes things better.

Beige isn't a goal worth having.

Today I celebrate launching the new version of CurveFinder. Something that started as a blog about creative endeavor has become my way of making a living by helping others adapt to the modern digital market. To innovate themselves and their business.

For me, it will remain a practice... and an eternal fight against beige.