Life and business lessons from distinguished Italian Tailors, A. Caraceni

Published: December 22, 2016
Author: Steven Thomas

"Every morning when we arrive here, we feel the same thing that our clients feel... we always get an emotional buzz"

- Carlo Andreacchio, Father/Tailor.

I stumbled upon this great video, shot by the fashion site Mr.Porter, featuring the old Italian tailors A. Caraceni.  Founded in 1946, they've clothed the most interesting of suit wearers including Nobel Prize winner and writer Eugenio Montale and even the great fashion designer himself, Calving Klein.

What struck me the most when I watched this video is how this family, through generations, have not only built a business but also a legacy.  They have formed a set of traditions and values based on skill, method, dedication to doing one thing well.  There must be millions of suit makers all over the world but Carlo and now his son, Massimiliano, still apply the same unique approach to cutting fabric that was developed by Massimiliano's Great Grandfather.

"..this is our living, breathing family tree.  Our history lies here." - Massimiliano Andreaccio Caraceni

How wonderful, to be able to create something, so skillful and unique, that can be passed down and that means as much to the current generation as it did the first.  Please watch and enjoy.