Poem: Stoic 101

Published: July 21, 2017
Author: Steven Thomas

Stoic 101

What did you expect
that the winds would howl around all others
and leave you unruffled
Or for the Sun's Rays to travel light-years
to warm you and you only

This is the point
our reason for being
the thing you've searched for
all this time
high and low

Don't you see
it is simply to be
in this brief instant
and the next

Breathe deeply during times of trepidation and tranquillity alike
all is as nature intended

To journey through life
is to enrol in the university of adversity

Don't badge things up
as luck or fate
they are stories we tell ourselves
when reality seems too difficult to contemplate

let us meditate
with humility, patience and kindness
a sense of service to ourselves and others

Practice your art until it wears you out
there you will find true contentment

Acknowledging your place in all time
a pin-prick in this universe
merely Atoms and Stardust
returning to source
soon enough

So step forward with purpose
for anywhere that you can lead your life
you can lead a good one

Photo: Hans M

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