Feeding the person you want to be...

Published: April 27, 2016
Author: Steven Thomas

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So, I've been working next to a Wholefoods Market in London and have found myself in there most lunchtimes.  Aside from being amazed at the vast selection of rem, whole foods and the fact that you can easily spend £12 on a salad if you're not careful, their in-store marketing got me thinking.  One of the slogans emblazoned across the store says "FEED THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE".

How many people do you know who want to innovate themselves by making a positive change in their lives?  Quite a few, right?  In my experience, almost everybody wants to do something to improve their chances of advancing in life or becoming more skilled in their personal or work life (or both).  Maybe it's a long standing wish to change career, to learn to paint, speak a new language, write code or even become a better listener.  Often we need a little inspiration to get things going.  Personally I enjoy taking inspiration from lots of different sources and I've created Curvefinder.com to help me curate as many examples as possible and to pass them on...

Check out my section on Self Innovation and ask yourself this... what are you doing, right now, to help feed the person you want to be?

Thanks to Bob McDevitt for the use of the hero image.