GYSHIDO - The art of getting your sh*t done

Published: May 17, 2016
Author: Steven Thomas

It feels rather obvious to say, but clearly, unless we get things done we'll have a hard time reaching our goals.  As humans, now more than ever, we're fighting the incessant force of distraction.  All the other stimulus that steals our attention away from focusing on the most important things... the things that count, that get us to the place we're striving to get (wherever or whatever that may be).  Elvis, who you might have heard had a pretty successful career, adopted the personal motto "Taking Care of Business".  He named his band the TCB Band and had a logo made to remind himself and others, even adding it to the tail of his airplane.

Lightning Bolt on Tail of Lisa Marie Airplane

With all of this in mind, I was inspired when I discovered the GYSHIDO (get your sh*t done) movement launched by Pascal Finette - have a read of Pascal's profile and tell me you're not blown away.  Awe inspiring.

Here is the GYSHIDO 'Code of Honour'... will you join the movement?

  1. Relentless Focus.Focus on the 10% of your activities which drive most of the value. Relentlessly.
  2. Single Task.We all know that multitasking is a myth. Doing multiple things at the same time we keep ourselves busy doing shitty work with lousy outcomes. Laser sharp focus.
  3. Boring Consistency.Do the right things over and over again. Consistency forms habits. Habits make hard things effortless.
  4. No Bullshit.Don’t bullshit yourself or others. Apply brutal honesty and transparency to everything you do.
  5. No Meetings.Meetings come in only two forms: Standing or social. If it’s social, it’s over breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner or drinks. If not – don’t sit down.
  6. Follow Up.Don’t let others wait for your part of the job. Ever.
  7. Don’t be an Asshole.