Creative endeavour: White-hot and passionate is the only thing to be

Published: September 29, 2017
Author: Steven Thomas

Lukewarm is no good

Last year I wrote about loss and trauma and wondered whether, in a strange way,  it could lead to self-improvement.  I used the example of Nick Cave who's beautiful film One More Time With Feeling I had seen that day.  A film shot in the wake of the tragic loss of his son and one that, as a father, I found remarkably touching.  It was clear that the bond between Cave and his wife Susie was at the heart of any recovery - if you can call it that.  His friendship and creative connection to long-time collaborator Warren Ellis was also hugely important.  But also remaining creative and well, keepin' on keepin' on, came over as being a kind of therapy to him.

Jump forward a year and I witnessed a stunning performance from Nick, Warren and The Bad Seeds in Glasgow last night.  The was a performance from a supremely talented showman. Some would even say a Shayman and a Poet.  He rolled out classic after classic from a career with The Bad Seeds spanning over 30 years.  This was a white-hot and passionate performance (although I'm sure he'd prefer black-hot).

It turns out (as well all know deep down) keepin' on keepin' on pays off. As I travelled to the gig, I caught this quote from Roald Dhal in a book I'm reading by David Hieatt.  For me, it sums up what people like Nick do and the opportunity we all have.


Main image by Daniel Ebersole on Unsplash