Who Cares Wins: The art of making more than just a product by Otter Surfboards

Published: September 26, 2016
Author: Steven Thomas

Who Cares Wins: an ongoing study of the people who decided to make the leap and do work that matters.

These are the people who have set about building businesses, big and small, that have a purpose at their core. By innovating themselves they subsequently inspire others. For them, winning isn’t about building million-pound revenue streams (although I guess that would be nice). No, for them it's about creating something that intrinsically transcends money. Subsequently, it becomes something far more soulful.

What does making mean to you?

I discovered this great little film when reading through the Hiut Denim newsletter.  You could do a lot worse than signing up to this and/or buying their jeans.

I'm not a surfer but I can appreciate the care and craftsmanship that the small team at Otter clearly put into their business, their relationships with each other, their customers and their suppliers.  In a world blinded by mass consumerism, I believe that we need as many businesses as possible to apply a level of care that transcends the boundaries of profit and loss.  They apply level of care that pays off on so many levels.  To say we'll never mass produce, no matter how hard that might be, takes strenght.  Otter clearly do this...