Enabling Black Ox Media to inform, promote and connect business communities in SE England

Black Ox Media
Digital Growth and Transformation Advisor
Rolling 90-Day innovation programme
CurveFinder Collective - Big thanks to Jack Harper (Dev) and Jack Neale (Design)

The client

Black Ox is an exciting new media and events startup based in the South East of England. Backed by the Branscombe Group they have a very clear purpose: to inform, promote and connect business communities in the South East of England.

The Brief

As a startup, Black Ox was looking to move fast to establish itself in the market as a progressive media and events business. First up was the acquisition and modernisation of a 30-year old B2B publishing and events brand, The Business Magazine.

Enlisting the right talent from my CurveFinder Collective, the project covered digital growth strategy, new tech integration, site design and build, content planning, brand development, data design, commercial strategy, and people development.

Thank you for all your help. We couldn't have done this without your professional experience and guidance. Invaluable.

Peter Tracey, Owner - Black Ox Media

The results

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with the in-house team I set out a rolling 90-day change programme of agile problem solving and implementation.

  • Overall pageviews are up almost 40%
  • Users who do visit the site consume 86% more pages per session
  • Average sessions per user are up 23%
  • When consuming content they are spending 160% more time doing so
  • Those who do come to the site are finding interesting content and good UX as the bounce rate is down 30

A significant shift from the legacy setup

  • Fresh new brand identity for The Business magazine. Fit for the a progressive B2B market. Synchronizing with the identity of parent company Black Ox Media.
  • A faster, simpler, lighter website design and build. Great on mobile providing a sharp and sleek UX.
  • A re-mix of supporting technology to allow for scale including the introduction of AMP technology, a flexible site build and new ad integrations.
  • Modernisation of legacy content, taxonomy and database comprising 10k+ articles.

Long-term strategy

Black Ox also wanted a longer-term strategy and has retained CurveFinder to help design and implement this.

A key component of this strategy is the launch and scale of Black Ox Labs.

BOX:Labs is a creative studio at the heart of Black Ox Media conceptualised by CurveFinder founder Steven Thomas. It provides experience-driven B2B content solutions enabling brands to connect in creative ways with their customers through immersive multimedia content, unique events, and bespoke digital products. CurveFinder will continue to help develop BOX:Labs with creative direction and product development in a long-term partnership.

We're also delighted that CurveFinder will continue to help guide the future digital and commercial growth of Black Ox Media.