Keith Moon on Drums

By Steven Thomas


You should’ve seen Keith Moon
on drums, Son

Banging them pots
with rapid swots

Fantastic elastic
attached to his body
a demented octopus
booming and sprawling

Machine gun snare
smoke filling the air

The sound of the pounding
drowning out Townsend

Precision and rhythm
a gift God given

You see The Who had a swagger
different to Jagger
and with Keith Moon on drums
the volume would stun

Pete’s arm spinning
his guitar riffing

Daltry howling in tassels all golden
‘The Ox’
fingers thundering
the crowd emboldened

In the end there were fireworks

and for millions of us
utter devotion

Maaaan you should’ve seen Keith Moon
on drums, Son

The drummer
like no other


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Posted by Steven Thomas

Fan of great ideas and (especially) the people that make them work. Steven is the creator of CurveFinder exploring subjects like collaboration, leadership, creative endeavour and personal development. He's spent over two decades working in the UK media industry holding various senior business and creative leadership roles, most recently with a focus on Digital Transformation and Start-ups. Accomplished coach and mentor. Seth Godin's altMBA Alumni. Lives in Edinburgh with his wife and young family. Always in the kitchen at parties.

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