I help people and businesses
adapt more skilfully to the 
modern digital market

Illuminating Change Programmes and Sprints

Create. Progress.

In the words of Bob Dylan 'If you're not busy being born, you're busy dying'. 

Many people and businesses are optimised for a linear, predictable market. The unpredictable market always wins. 

My programmes help you find and accelerate your best ideas. 

To become less predictable. 

To get busy being born.

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The CurveFinder® way

Start with the right problems to solve and choose work that matters
Originality comes from diversity and creative action
Seek accountability, embrace urgency and always be launching
Networks beat silos and teams with a purpose win
Make 'Good Profit' through creating value for and with others 
We learn by doing - self education is the only true form of education

The biggest danger is to imagine that everything you've done in the past is
right for the future

CurveFinder® Sprints

Illuminating design sprints and workshops

Inject agile problem solving into your business. Jumpstart change and seize emerging opportunities in just 5-days.

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Impactful change programmes

Place an innovation engine at the core of your business. Improve how you create and scale products and services using CurveFinder 90-day innovation programmes.

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Innovate yourself and your business. Improve your leadership skills and create positive change. I'll help you do work that matters and increase your productivity.

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