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I happened upon an interesting site belonging to a local brand agency here in Edinburgh.  Contagious, specialise in working with big multi-national drinks brands. As you might expect their site has the usual HD images and case studies showing off some of their award-winning work.  I’ve seen my fair share of slick agency sites (as a client) and I tend to look at these with a slightly withering eye.  But this one caught my attention for a different reason.  Nestled amongst the high-spec artwork is a page entitled ‘Applied:Dreaming’ which has the outline of a creative blueprint we can all learn from.

Conjurers of ideas and manufacturers of dreams

I have to admit, aside from observing it as a nicely written piece of copy, I found the description of Contagious’ creative approach and ethos to be quietly inspirational.  “Between dreams and reality is where our expertise is applied”, they say.  Describing themselves as “Conjurers of ideas and manufacturers of dreams” they “dream dreams” then build them by being “insightful, refreshing and brave.”

we all have the opportunity to fill the gap between dreams and reality with our own individual form of expertise.

It struck me that we could all take influence from their ambitious and inclusive approach.  Surely we can all decide to accept that, in any line of work, and with any task we face, we all have the opportunity to fill the gap between dreams and reality with our own individual form of expertise.  And even if we don’t have all of the tools or skills, we can find co-conspirators to help create our own brand of ‘applied dreaming’.

Let me take nothing away from Contagious though.  From the quality of their work, it’s pretty clear that they might well live up to their name.

Photo by John Baker on Unsplash


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