Poem: The Work That Matters

Published: January 14, 2017
Author: Steven Thomas

The Work That Matters

by Steven Thomas

There's method in the madness
nothing really happens
without the work that matters

Face the hard part
get to where your heart can race
your spirits raise
Deliver the surprise
that helps others become wise

Pen to paper
brush to canvas
Macbook or scrapbook
they all play their part
If you make the start and understand
there's no home-run
it's never won
no perfect song sung

Patience and method
are what bring the platitudes and pleasure
over time

Sure, the spirit can crash
the odd sob
and I suppose there's the cash

But don't let them rob
the reason you felt like pleasing
yourself and others
the sisters and brothers
all pushing through
to make it right
to ship it first and quench that thirst

to do the work that matters

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