Lukewarm is no good

Last year I wrote about loss and trauma and wondered whether, in a strange way,  it could lead to self-improvement.  I used the example of Nick Cave who’s beautiful film One More Time With Feeling I had seen that day.  A film shot in the wake of the tragic loss of his son and one that, as a father, I found remarkably touching.  It was clear that the bond between Cave and his wife Susie was at the heart of any recovery – if you can call it that.  His friendship and creative connection to long-time collaborator Warren Ellis was also hugely important.  But also remaining creative and well, keepin’ on keepin‘ on, came over as being a kind of therapy to him.

Jump forward a year and I witnessed a stunning performance from Nick, Warren and The Bad Seeds in Glasgow last night.  The was a performance from a supremely talented showman. Some would even say a Shayman and a Poet.  He rolled out classic after classic from a career with The Bad Seeds spanning over 30 years.  This was a white-hot and passionate performance (although I’m sure he’d prefer black-hot).

It turns out (as well all know deep down) keepin’ on keepin’ on pays off. As I travelled to the gig, I caught this quote from Roald Dhal in a book I’m reading by David Hieatt.  For me, it sums up what people like Nick do and the opportunity we all have.


Main image by Daniel Ebersole on Unsplash

Posted by Steven Thomas

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