One of the best aspects of completing Seth Godin’s altMBA is the fact that I get to be part of an alumni made up of makers, mavericks, change agents and doers from all over the world.  There is no shortage of energy and application in this group and if my own personal energy drops then I often jump into Slack just to feed off what others are up to.  It’s truly amazing to see the wide range of projects that this talented bunch focuses on shipping every day.  If I had to pick out one theme that is prevalent across all of the projects combined, then it would be a theme of helping others to improve and to make an impact for themselves and the people around them.

A great example of this is the work of Sarah McCrum.  Sarah teaches CEO’s and leaders how to take care of their personal energy.  She trained for over two decades with Chinese Energy Masters and has worked with leaders in companies like Virgin Media, Bank of America and Dow Jones.

Energy determines your performance, your impact on the world and your quality of life. – Sarah McCrum

Sarah’s latest book Energy on Demand is designed to help the reader to learn how to Relax so that they have more energy.  Once the basics are in place she encourages the reader to move through five new gears where they Balance, Recharge, Sustain, Expand and finally Supercharge their energy.  It’s really accessible and manages to strike a great balance between insight and structure.

Energy is your most precious resource.   It responds well to being treasured, loved and invested in. – Sarah McCrum

Sarah’s book comes with a free course the Five Day Energy Charge.  As someone who regularly meditates, it had me intrigued.  Now, I’m a father with young kids and a challenging job so I find it hard to make the time in the morning to be able to meditate, lunchtimes or the end of the day tend to work better for me so I figured I’d use these times to take ‘the charge’.  After a bit of settling in I found it really easy to relax into Sarah’s guided sessions.  I’ll admit that the background music sounded initially like a blissed out version of a Jean-Michel Jarre track but once I got past this I started to like it.  After each session, as Sarah led me through the 6 stages, I felt a little lighter and, well, more relaxed.  It was like I had a little bounce in my step that wasn’t there before. I felt like I had a charge that brought out a certain calmness and clarity of thought without being too blissed out or, erm, floaty (yeah, floaty).  There are real similarities with meditation but I’d say that Sarah’s approach is a little more accessible.  Being able to jump in and out of the book whilst following the audio course was really helpful.

After five days I’m convinced I can find new levels of performance and mindfulness by practicing Sarah’s approach and would urge anyone who is even a little curious to take on the Five Day Charge.

If you’re in a busy job and are finding that it’s all getting a little much or just want to optimize your performance then check out the HBR article Manage your energy, not your time which complements Sarah’s philosophy well.

Sarah is also available for coaching, training, and public speaking both on a one to one and wider business level.



Posted by Steven Thomas

Fan of great ideas and (especially) the people that make them work. Steven is the creator of CurveFinder exploring subjects like collaboration, leadership, creative endeavour and personal development. He's spent over two decades working in the UK media industry holding various senior business and creative leadership roles, most recently with a focus on Digital Transformation and Start-ups. Accomplished coach and mentor. Seth Godin's altMBA Alumni. Lives in Edinburgh with his wife and young family. Always in the kitchen at parties.


  1. Thanks Sarah McCrum for leading me to this blog. Wowsers. Yes energy does determine your flow and the flow of those around you. We are gifting Accountants a new bigger picture in all they do, personally and professionally and the energy shifts they are experiencing are impacting on their lives and the lives of their clients. The ripple effect can’t be measured it is so grand. Our accountants are ‘meeting themselves for the first time.’ They are discovering that they too are innovators, entrepreneurial thinkers and change makers. I look forward to sitting and soaking in all of the wisdom here on Curve Finder.


    1. Thanks for your kind words, Isabella. Sounds like you’re on a great journey too.


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