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Rock star Josh Homme on taking ownership, creating a talented team and finding weird chemistry

“Don’t you want to be the mole that to pops up that doesn’t get hit in ‘whack-a-mole’? To appear where no one expects?” – Josh Homme In this playful interview with...

/ May 11, 2018

Maya Angelou: “Wherever that abides in the human being, there is the nobleness of the human spirit. Despite it all”

“Everyone in the world, one way or another has gone to bed with fear or pain or loss or disappointment.  And yet each of us has awakened arisen, somehow made our...

/ April 4, 2018

Empathy Canvas: A tool for problem solvers, collaborators and influencers

What is the Empathy Canvas for? Empathy is the currency of all change. Without taking the time to walk in the shoes of the people we are trying to affect,...

/ March 26, 2017