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Creative Collisions: Sarah McCrum is offering you Energy on Demand

One of the best aspects of completing Seth Godin’s altMBA is the fact that I get to be part of an alumni made up of makers, mavericks, change agents and doers...

/ September 12, 2016

Creative Collisions: Moira Warren, a Luxury Jeweller sticking to her values

Do one thing well I had the pleasure recently of meeting Moira Patience Warren, founder of Patience Jewellery an award winning luxury jewellery brand based in Edinburgh.  Like many people...

/ September 9, 2016

Going it on your own, with purpose.

I’ve spent pretty much all of my career working with big corporate businesses.  That has had its advantages and disadvantages and I have no complaints, it has served me well…...

/ June 1, 2016