I help dreamers, schemers, makers, and leaders to innovate and get results.

Over 20+ years I’ve led and coached a wide range of high-performing, multi-discipline, agile teams. I’ve gone through the considerable challenge of creating and scaling corporate start-ups. Formed groundbreaking commercial partnerships with blue-chip’s and SME’s. Launched products used by millions of people across the world. Throughout it all, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with many talented people.  I’ve learned valuable lessons from each of them and every successful project I’ve led.  That said, I have no doubt that failure has been my best teacher.

Fluent in rapid innovation techniques, digital transformation, product development, sales and marketing; in my day job I apply this in a 200-year-old business.

Throughout my journey, the most fulfilling times have been when I’ve helped others reach new levels of performance and personal growth. So, in my own time, I work with a limited number people all over the world who want to innovate themselves and their businesses.

My style is informal, collaborative and structured.  I specialise in working with:

  • Intrapreneurs who want to develop their career and land their creative ideas in existing businesses
  • Creatives who are looking to grow their business and develop a commercial focus
  • Non-tech founders looking to build digital products and/or their business offering
  • Tech founders looking to scale their business and product-set

If you think I can help and feel like a no obligation chat then feel free to get in touch.