About CurveFinder

CurveFinder® is a Digital Innovation Company on a mission to create people-first businesses and products that matter.

  • Create new or re-invigorate existing products and services
  • Build and scale profitably
  • Tap into on-demand digital tech, design, content and data expertise through my CurveFinder® Collective
  • In-person or remote delivery

I'm Steven Thomas creator of CurveFinder® and Managing Partner of UP Ventures. I live in Edinburgh, Bonnie Scotland, with my young family and work with people and brands from all over the world.

CurveFinder® originally started back in 2016 as a blog exploring how people can innovate themselves, their business and community. Now it's a bustling consultancy that allows me to make a living by combining my passion for creativity and business as a force for good.

Along the way, I've curated the CurveFinder Collective - a group of talented people available on-demand to help our clients solve problems and build special businesses.

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We understand the complexities of modern markets and translate these into business growth opportunities.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with in-house teams we drive creativity and results from the floorboards up and the frontline back.

CurveFinder® programmes have been developed over two decades working with corporates and startups remote and in-person. We create focus and urgency; together we find your best opportunities and craft solutions that will transform your business.

Based in Scotland, working globally. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🌏

For corporates

From rapid prototyping to large-scale transformation programmes we work on projects of many shapes and sizes.

  • Jumpstart change and seize emerging opportunities in just 5-days.
  • Shape longer-term innovation capabilities; create growth and sustainable change with CurveFinder 90-day programmes.
  • Digital strategy, product development and business building as-a-service.
  • World-class experts without the premium pricetag.

160+ digital product launches (so far) reaching 35m monthly users. Working with brands including i, The Scotsman, Novartis, MediaCityUK, Black Ox Media and Lifescan

For SMEs

We power innovation programmes and technology testbeds for UP Ventures. Our work has helped 100s of tech founders grow their businesses, find investment and collaborate with corporates and governments in new ways.

About Steven Thomas

Steven is the founder of CurveFinder and Managing Partner of tech venture builder, UP Ventures Group.

His work as a senior commercial and digital innovation leader in industry has led to a range of award-winning digital products including the creation and scale of the UK's fastest-growing and most trusted digital news brand inews.co.uk. Working with tech partners from across the world, he has successfully launched and scaled products and services used by 45+ million users. His work has helped brands like The Scotsman, The Yorkshire Post, Black Ox Media, Metro and London Evening Standard grow digitally and commercially. In 2020 his team became the UK AOP Digital Product Team of the Year.

In his work with UP Ventures Group, Steven has designed and directed several groundbreaking programmes helping 100s of startup founders and established organisations adapt and grow their business and technology. His programmes have focused on solving challenges in Smart Cities, The Future of Health, Data and Citizen Tech working with partners like Novartis, Health Innovation Manchester, MediaCityUK, Google and GCHQ.

Notable links

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inews.co.uk voted Digital News Site of the Year